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How To Clear Mucus In The Throat

November 28, 2014

Although mucus does not lead to blocked noses, it can cause other issues, namely when it begins to flow down your throat instead of your nasal cavity. It can cause problems with your respiratory systems and may cause discomfort, and even vomiting if too much of it makes its way into your stomach.

It should go without saying that it is important that your airways are always kept clear, to this end it is vital that you try and clear mucus whenever it builds up in your throat. This can be quite difficult, especially if the mucus is thick or in large quantities.

The first method you should try is coughing or hacking. This should help to loosen the mucus, enabling you to spit it out into the sink and rinse away. In order to get the most out of your cough, it is advised that you take two deep breaths, coughing as you exhale the second time. If you are experiencing pain in your chest whilst you try and clear your throat, then it is advised that you take painkillers. This will help you clear the mucus without causing distress.

If coughing fails to dislodge the mucus then there a number of things you can try to help it along. By ensuring proper hydration, you can help break down the mucus. Try hot water mixed with lemon and honey, a combination that will help soothe and clear your throat. If you do not want to drink lots of water, then consider taking on liquids in other forms. Possibilities include low-sodium, broth-based soups or herbal teas. It is not recommended that you try and use decongestants to help with mucus as they can cause dehydration, which will only make it harder to get rid of the mucus.

Steam can also aid in the breakdown of mucus, so try having a nice hot shower or bath and see if that helps you breathe a little easier. If you don’t feel like getting wet right now, then put some hot water in a bucket and position your head above it. Then, use a towel placed over your head to trap the steam, enabling you to breathe it in. Doing it this way allows you to put something in the water, such as camomile or eucalyptus oil, which will further aid your decongestion.

Lastly, try a humidifier if you have one. A slight increase of moisture in the air can help reduce your mucus over a period of time.

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